Books 2019 - Fish Calendar 2020 promo

Are you looking for a special gift for a friend who loves the sea? For € 20 you can receive my 2020 CALENDAR, including shipping to Italy. from my travel booklet illustrated with drawings of sea turtles, pygmy seahorses, corals and shells of a still unspoiled world.

Books 2020 - Bruno and his Dolphins

Bruno and his Dolphins.

2019 – BRUNO AND HIS DOLPHINS – 38 Pages in English, 21 x 14,5 cm. With 18 illustrations by the author, in Color. It is a series of bedtime stories I made up – in English – when I found myself with two grown children, Simon and Neil, about forty years ago, getting married in England.

Then I published them on ILMIOLIBRO.IT in 2018 in Italian. It is the story of Bruno and his two dolphin friends – Simon and Neil – that leads us to explore the sea and some of its secrets.

Fascinating but also fearful encounters. At at the end of the journey we understand that there is something else hidden in these pages – a bit like it happens in all fairy tales for children – that already existed then: the deep bond that binds us to the sea and the urgency to save it if we want to save ourselves.

It is not just the desire to teach children a bit of marine biology or to confuse their ideas about everything that can relate to sex. No, today more than ever, what comes out  is my faith in them as the only element of awareness of how we adults have managed to ruin our sea, our oceans, our rivers, our land. It is my faith in young readers that will learn to love them little by little, growing up and walking on clean beaches, swimming in blue waters.

Available on ILMIOLIBRO.IT and on this website. COMING SOON in ENGLISH on Amazon.

Books 2016 – Blue Oltremare

Blue overseas.

2016 – BLU OLTREMARE – 56 pages, 23 x 15 cm in Italian, with 9 illustrations by the author. My first experiment with the Self-Publishing site ILMIOLIBRO.IT - Main ingredients: love for the family, for painting and for the sea. But it is nearly impossible to explain the genesis of this manuscript that for nearly 11 years (from the death of the painter Carlo Battaglia) has been my faithful companion and help to overcome difficult moments. I believe each one of us has, in a secret place in our soul, something similar “in working progress” even if it is very difficult that it could ever emerge. Just the idea that others may read these pages is at times scary. In the end, the idea that some of my readres could also need “to come out and see the stars” convinced me that I should try too. In any case, it is written one page at a time, so it is really easy to understand if it suits and you are invited to have a look at the drawings before leaving it.

Books 2011 - Imagine


Books 2011 – IMAGINE – PhotoBook Square 60 pages 7 x 7 in. The key to reading this Photobook is very simple: imagine looking at something and suddenly realizing that you are seeing something else. In my head, it happens often… All I’ve done here is to show you the original image and – in the facing page – what I thought I see. From the comparison between the two pages, starts an interesting game that I hope you like.

Available on BLURB.COM and on this site.

Books 1997 – Aldabra

Aldabra. Price: 12,00 €.

1997 - ALDABRA – Self Published First Edition 1997 - Carnet de voyage of 20 pages  dim. 17 cm. x 24 cm – A booklet of drawings (mixed with text) made with calligraphy pen. Born absolutely by chance after leaving for the Seychelles with destination Aldabra I arrived in Mahé while my luggage (diving equipment, 40 photographic rolls, clothing) went to Paris instead. In a very short time I realized that the small plane going from Mahé to Assumption (with or without me) would have left BEFORE the arrival of my luggage so I left without it.

I created it on board, in English, a little amazed by the encouraging comments of my fellow travelers – then I also printed it in a few copies, for them and at the insistence of the friends who had seen it.

Books 2016 - Crystals of Umanite

Crystals of Umanite. Price: 15,00 €.

2016 – CRISTALLI DI UMANITE – Second Edition in Self Publishing, Language: Italian. 186 Pagine 21 x 15 cm , with 9 illustrations by Alberto Rava. I met the author, Massimo Umberto Tomalino, at the EuroMineralExpo in Turin, at the presentation of his (more serious) book “History of Mineralogy” in 2011.
He asked me to illustrate this adventure in the world of chrystals, out of curiosity for my drawings exhibited there and for the mutual interest. Today we are working on a new book “Humans of chrystal”.

Books 2020 - When animals were gods

2020 – WHEN ANIMALS WERE GODS (subtitle: An Ancient Egypt Zoo) - Printed Feb 2020 –  9-791280–007025  KEMET Edizioni- Language: English , 70 pages 20 x 20 cm, softcover, each page with illustrations by the author. Then Re-printed Oct. 2020 –  9-791220–072946  ARTALBERTO Edizioni- Language: English - Second ENGLISH edition of the well-known book, with wider scope and many more drawings of animals seen roaming the Egyptian Museums in London, Oxford, Turin, Cairo and more. Aavailable for sale on AMAZON and on this website.

Books 2011 - Animals of the Egyptian Museum

Animals of the Egyptian Museum. Price: 13,50 €.

2011 – ANIMALI DEL MUSEO EGIZIO (subtitle: Dogs, Cats and … a Baboon for a friend). First Edition with ANANKE, ISBN 978-88-7325-365-5, then SEKHMET Second and Third Edition. Language: Italian, 52 pages 20 x 20 cm, hardcover, each page with illustrations by the author. Still available for sale at the Bookshop of the Museo Egizio di Torino, also directly on this website.

Books 2007 – The Art of Vacuum

Art of Vacuum.

2007 – THE ART OF VACUUM - First Edition October 2007 Graffio Snc / GRAF ART SrL – 144 Pages in Italian and English. The only occasion in which my creativity has found a more serious opportunity in my professional and more technological work: with the creation of a book for the company VARIAN Vacuum Technologies for which I worked for 10 years, to celebrate 40 years (1967 – 2007) of Vacuum Technologies. It won the prestigious ODISSEO 2008 award at the Unione Industriale of Turin, Italy.

Books 2012 - Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat.
2012 – RAJA AMPAT – Self Published First Edition March 2012, 20 pages dim. 17 cm. x 24 cm. – The third (and last) Travel Book published in the same format as the other two, with text in English and drawings with calligraphic pen + colored in pencil, which acquire a special brilliance with digital printing.

(The details reflect the experience of two years of engraving school with Vinicio Perugia).

The journey is on board the AURORA sailing ship, built in solid wood in typical Indonesian style: always starting from Sorong, it takes us to the south seas from 5/1/2012 to 18/1/2012, to the Misool island and return.

Books 2004 – Irian Jaya

Irian Jaya. Price: 12,00 €.
2004 – IRIAN JAYA - First Edition November 2005, Published by CAPO HORN LIBRERIA EDITRICE, Turin. 24 pages dim. 17 cm. x 24 cm. – travel book of the second expedition, from 7/8/2004 to 26/8/2004, in the Indonesian sea – 23 illustrations in pen and colored pencils, reproduction identical to the original on paper, with text in Italian.
Initial stop in the Onong Resort, Siladen, then going around with the PELAGIAN to Bitanta Island, the FAM islands, the SELPELE, onto Raja Ampat Island, Papua, Indonesia